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Your Keys. Your Coins.

The Nexa Exchange has a unique security model where YOU are ALWAYS in 100% control of your own private keys. Runnning on top of this Trustless architecture, our team maintains an advanced suite of products and services for your convenience.

Multi-signature Wallet Security

All exchange wallets are 2-of-4 multi-signature.

Key #Key OwnerKey Location
1ClientStored in the web browser
2ClientSent to the email
3FederationManaged by the Exchange "hot" wallet
4ModeneroManaged by the Exchange's primary security provider

Key # 1 — Client

This key is stored in the client's web browser.

Key # 2 — Client

This key is sent to the client's primary email.

Key # 3 — Federation

This key is held and managed by Exchange's "hot" wallet.

Key # 4 — Modenero

This key is held and managed by Modenero; whom serves as the Exchange's primary security provider.

Unstoppable Withdrawals

Option # 1 — Easy

Use Key # 1 and Key # 3 for INSTANT withdrawls (EASY).

Option # 2 — Advanced

Use Key # 1 and Key # 2 for INSTANT withdrawls (ADVANCED).

Option # 3 — Slowest

Use Key # 3 and Key # 4 for AUTHORIZED withdrawals (SLOWEST).